Frequently Asked Questions:

Patient does not pay for clinic visits, though we recommend the patient pay a suggested donation, which you can collect at the time of the visit to help fund your clinic operations.

If the provider orders labs or prescriptions or makes a referral to a specialist, then the patient pays for that cost. Eixsys Healthcare System has established negotiated rates with many providers.

We don’t cover that cost and is it out of scope of our service. Though we encourage faith-based community centers to develop local charity programs to assist those in need.

We have developed the HUG sponsorship program that solicits sponsors for uninsured patients or families through online sponsorship enrollment. Through this program a community member can sponsor themselves or another community member. On behalf of a sponsored patient, we pay for patient clinic visits and preventative healthcare lab orders to any independent primary healthcare provider who has partnered with Eixsys Healthcare System, Inc.

There is a cost on both the community centers and Eixsys Healthcare system (EHS). Community centers have facility expense, supplies and overhead expenses, while EHS has expenses related to Electronic Medical records system, managing the records in HIPAA compliant data storage, the patient scheduling system, third party transaction charges for related patient orders and provider enrollment related expenses.

EHS actively seeks out corporate and individual sponsorships to pay for expenses incurred to manage each location. In addition, we require our community center partner to hold one fundraiser each year, and 20% of funds raised go towards EHS’s operating expenses.