About us

who are we

Eixsys Healthcare Systems (EHS) pronounced “x-sis”, is a non-profit charity 501(c)(3) that was founded in 2014. Since our inception we have successfully served and continue to serve the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our communities across the USA that would otherwise be unable to afford medical care. We provide primary care medical clinics in partnership with faith-based community centers.


As a young 7-year-old boy, Amin Salahuddin was hit by a car sustaining life threating injuries. His family was told that he would not live another day. Years later, still alive, and made it his life’s purpose to help provide healthcare to the uninsured and underserved members of our communities and provide them with access to excellent healthcare. He is the reason why Eixsys Healthcare System is continuing the cycle of giving back to those in need. Read more and purchase the book available on Amazon to find out how Eixsys Healthcare System was established.


Our goal is to establish charity medical clinics throughout the USA where there is a need, and a faith-based community center in that area is willing to partner to serve the underserved.


To empower every human being, by ensuring that our patients, can equally exercise their basic human rights to access healthcare and improve their well-being, from managing their chronic condition, to developing a healthier lifestyle and eating habits, regardless of their income, insurance status, or part of the world they are from


Every uninsured and underserved will have access to primary healthcare, in every neighborhood across our nation.