Dear primary care medical provider (MD, DO, NP),

As of 2020, approximately 37.2 million Americans were living in poverty, an increase of 3.3 million from the previous year. This means that many members of this population are uninsured and unable to access primary healthcare.

We are calling on medical professionals to commit to volunteering for at least two hours a month in partnership with their local faith-based community center and Eixsys Healthcare System. Our goal is to open Free Clinics in community centers to provide accessible healthcare to those without insurance.

You can search for existing Free Clinic near you and submit a volunteer form.

Once we receive your volunteer form, we will handle medical credentialing and malpractice enrollment free of charge. We will also provide you with access to Electronic Medical Records and a scheduling system.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those without access to healthcare. Thank you for considering joining us in this important mission.

If you have a community center near you where you think you can volunteer your time, but you didn’t find in our existing locations then please let us know.

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