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HUG Project

(Helping under-served generously)


A Humanitarian Crisis

  • It is a fact that (Obamacare) does not provide insurance to household adults whose income is below 100% Federal Poverty Level.
  • Texas did not expand Medicaid for poor adults either.
  • As a result, there are over 120,000 adults in Travis and Williamson Counties without health Insurance.

In 2018*, statistics showed that Texas alone had 18% uninsured in its population, double that of the uninsured U.S. total population of 9%. With the 2020 census underway and the current economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, that percentage is expected to quickly rise.

Our Solution 

The HUG (Help Underserved Generously) project is a medical benefit sponsorship program serving the health care needs of under-privileged people through charitable donations. Help provide medical care for a person in need today.

Each $100 donation we receive is given to contracted community-based medical providers to take care of our chronic condition patients. Monthly donations would cover costs for unlimited primary care doctor’s visits, preventative-healthcare, blood work, radiology work and telemedicine services.

All donations are 100% tax-deductible and since EHS is a 501(C)(3) humanitarian charity organization, employees who participate in their employers matching donation program can double the impact they make! Don’t forget to check with your company’s HR/Benefits department if EHS is on their list of charities. Donate today and be part of a great cause to help our communities live healthier.

Benefits provided to the underserved through the HUG project include:

  1. Access to Direct Primary Care (DPC). Unlimited urgent care visits, preventative care, routine exams, and chronic condition management. Visits during DPC clinic hours
  2. 24/7 Telemedicine
  3. Annual Pathology Lab Testing for preventative healthcare
  4. Radiology imaging if a medical necessity

*Source: ( Texas Medical Association – Quick statistics on the Uninsured in Texas and the U.S.

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