At Eixsys Healthcare System, we’ve revolutionized our clinic operational model. Thanks to our innovative approach, each clinic location now costs approximately $1,975 per month at minimum.

The total cost is split between three parties and is required to be paid by all.

  1. Patient ($200): The cost of ongoing negotiations, claims, billing, and medical records exchange related to orders sent to ancillary providers. These costs are already factored into a negotiated rate that patients pay when labs are orders.
  2. Community Centers ($225): Our community partners will cover the cost of medical supplies, basic equipment, facility overhead and utilities. Additional costs on community center may occur if volunteers are not available and paid staff are hired and if community center has more than two medical providers volunteering. Then for each medical provider the cost is $25 per month for credentialing and malpractice insurance management.
  3. Eixsys Healthcare System ($1,550) We cover the cost related to provider credentialing, malpractice insurance, medical records, practice management, medical management, HIPAA compliance, Information Technology, and healthcare administration.

We bear the maximum burden of the cost associated with each clinic location and can’t do it alone. We rely on the support of generous donors like you to make this project work, so please donate today, vulnerable lives in our community are depending on your kindness and generosity.