Would you like to form a partnership with Eixsys Healthcare System to launch a volunteer run medical clinic at your facility?

As your clinic partner, we will provide healthcare logistics, medical records system, and administrative tools.

Your responsibility will be.

  • To provide a facility where patient privacy is protected.
  • Create a landing webpage on your website about the medical clinic.
  • Purchase basic medical supplies and equipment for your clinic.
  • Cover the cost ($250 per provider per calendar year) for provider credentialing and malpractice insurance management.
  • Recruit volunteers (Clinic Manager, Doctors, Medical Scribes, Medical Assistants, Front Desk Assistants).
  • You will function as a separate clinic location.
  • Be responsible for maintaining your clinic’s operations and maintaining costs.
  • You can choose to open your clinic as frequently as you like, but our recommendation is a minimum of three hours a month to ensure you can serve those in need, best.
  • Make sure patient visits are free, however you can recommend patients to donate.
  • Patients pay for their own medications, blood work, radiology or referral visit to a specialist. All you do is build relationships with local labs, radiology centers and specialists for discounted pricing models.

Ready to be a partner? Great! Fill out our partnership application, and we’ll get started.