Would you like to form a partnership with Eixsys Healthcare System to launch a free medical clinic in your facility? Our consulting services will guide and support you through the clinic development process until you’re ready for launch. As your clinic partner, we will provide and pay for healthcare logistics, a medical records system, administrative tools, and ongoing management, costing approximately $1,550 per month. Your responsibility will be.

  • To provide a facility where patient privacy is protected.
  • Purchase medical supplies and equipment.
  • Cover provider credentialing and malpractice insurance management cost for the third and any additional providers.
  • Pay for clinic management costs if no volunteers are available. Volunteer roles and their credentials include a compliance officer, Clinic Manager, Doctor, Medical Scribe, Medical Assistant, Front Desk Assistant, and After-Hours Patient Support.

You will function as a separate independent clinic location, responsible for maintaining your branch’s operations, and managing your clinic’s operational costs. You can choose to open your clinic as frequently as you like, but our recommendation is a minimum of two hours per week or at least once a month to ensure you can serve those in need, best.

We estimate your monthly cost of running a free medical clinic to be as minimal $225 a month.

  • $100 for medical supplies
  • $25 per provider for credentialing and malpractice insurance management. First two are covered by Eixsys Healthcare System
  • $25 for phone & fax
  • $100 for facility overhead
  • (XXX) for staff if no volunteers are available

Ready to be a partner? Great! Fill out our partnership application, and we’ll get started. Once you’re ready to expand and offer additional primary healthcare services, we can conduct health fairs, vaccination drives, or charity giveaway projects. If you’re interested in dental, behavioral health, or medication dispensing services, we can work on those projects together.